Why Good Writing Matters Online, and How to Improve

As more brands begin to focus on content marketing, marketers are under a lot of pressure to stand out. If your content is poorly written, or even just good, it will be forgettable. In addition to competing against your brand’s competitors, you’ve also got to compete against the myriad distractions your prospects face online.

Your content must be useful, educational, or entertaining (and ideally all three) to merit your prospects’ time. When your content succeeds, it’s a huge asset to your brand.

While not all content is written, even visual content normally requires a written tweet to find an audience. Thus, solid writing skills are essential to effective marketing.

Yet marketers are being asked to write more with fewer resources. How do you incorporate SEO, readability, and shareability when you’re on a tight schedule? How do you ensure your content is free of errors when you don’t have the budget for a dedicated editor? While there are no magic solutions to these problems, this class will provide clear tactics that can help you create consistently awesome content.

We’ll walk through examples, data, and best practices that will help you learn the following:

  • Why good writing is so important
  • What makes writing shareable — especially online
  • How to avoid some common errors
  • While improving the quality of your writing, both personally and for your brand, is an ongoing process, this class will help you sharpen your web writing skills.

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