New Marketing: The Convergence of Content, PR, Search and Social

It’s no secret that consumer behavior has changed drastically in the past decade, thanks to social networks and access to an abundance of information. Buyers are checking into businesses online, they are reviewing products and services, talking about brands, and complaining about products on social networks. They are seeking and making recommendations; they are looking to build relationships and to be entertained. Most of all, buyers are turning to the internet to find the solutions to their problems. Marketers are now challenged with managing all these bits of data so they can appear in the path of that prospect.

We want to not only show up, but also to establish trust, and convert them into our customers. In this session, we’ll discuss strategies to get your stories found by understanding how search works, and where it is headed.

In this session, you’ll learn how stories solve this problem for you:

  • We’ll discuss the future of search and how it impacts your content strategy.
  • What it means to tell a great story.
  • Channels of distribution and how to optimize your story to get found.

The Process of CM
Location: Date: Time: - Lisa Gerber