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Module 3 – The Operating Models of Content 2021

The real challenge for Content Marketing today is that businesses do not understand the operating model of content.  Many businesses look to create a governance model, but don’t understand the importance of an operating model that supports the governance.

In this module we will look at the five main responsibilities of Content Marketing, and then explore how these five responsibilities differ through each of the varying operating models that may be present.  We’ll look at examples of these operating model and discuss why it’s important to balance our efforts.

Within Module 3, we will break down the responsibilities into 4 additional modules.

Module 3a – The Player Model – The Player Model is focused on building a “content factory” for the business. How do we scale the effort for the content marketing team to produce all the assets the business may need, with the care and effort it will require.  It means reviewing workflow, and the way the team is organized so that we can ensure the right approach.

Module 3b – The Processor Model – The Processor Model is focused on helping a team become the “standard bearer” when it comes to the quality of content, the processes by which its managed, and the structure by which it is formed.  This short module introduces this model, and discusses the various types of standards that can (and should) be created by the team that wants to pursue this model.

Module 3c – The Product Model – The Product Model is focused on helping a team become a product marketer of a content product. In this module, we unpack  the four steps to a great product-focused Content Marketing approach, and how to begin to organize your platform with purpose and focus.

Module 3d – The Platform Model – The Platform Model is focused on transforming a content team into an entire business.  Put simply, it encompasses ALL of the other models, and may actually employ its own sales, marketing, finance and other teams.  The Platform Model is content marketing as its own business. In this short module we’ll briefly talk about the trends here in “buying” (or acquiring) a property vs. building a business model for content marketing.

2021 Core Curriculum
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