Life After Publication: Content Monitoring for Vital Conversations, Insights, and Results

Content is a conversation.

You start the conversation by publishing and sharing content. What your audience says and does afterwards — the next part of the conversation — can happen with or without you. Usually without you. It doesn’t have to work that way. In fact, you should be monitoring your content with these business objectives in mind:

  • To improve current conversations about your content
  • To create better content and conversations in the future
  • To report the business results of content and conversations

But are you? Or have you celebrated your content marketing too soon?

In this class, you’ll learn the value and techniques related to:

  • Content conversation monitoring: Learn how to set conversation goals, how to monitor conversations based on those goals, and why to decide in advance if you should join a conversation.
  • Content insight monitoring: Based on what you hear (or don’t) with monitoring, what insights can you glean to improve future content? Learn how to think forward.
  • Content results monitoring: Without monitoring results, you can’t prove your value. Learn how connect the dots from your content marketing project to meeting business goals.

Real-life examples and data will help teach and inspire you. Content is a conversation. After this class, you’ll know why it’s vital to keep the conversation alive, and you’ll know how.

Location: Date: Time: - Arienne Holland