Keyword Research

The best content doesn’t win, but the best promoted content does. There are many ways to drive traffic to a page or post, but most of these traffic sources are short lived.

Email marketing and social media may pull in visitors for a few days, but how can the post pull in visitors for weeks or months? Search optimization.

The act of aligning pages with phrases is the key to long-term traffic. It all starts with keyphrase research. Target a phrase that no one is searching for and you’ll hear crickets. Target a phrase that’s too competitive and you won’t be heard above the roar.

This class covers the step-by-step for keyphrase research, including concepts, tools and specific techniques.

You’ll learn how to select keyphrases that your site can realistically compete for, based on the authority of your own website. This class may change how you look at the internet forever.

The Process of CM
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