Influencer Outreach to Grow Your Authority for Organic Search Success

In this class, you will learn how to organically grow your SEO through influencer rapport and social media.

The key is knowing how to use the wide variety of tools that are available in helping you manage your outreach, pitch, rapport, and follow up, in a way that allows you to build significant relationships with influencers.

The rapport building must start off slow, and on the right foot. Make the initial contact all about them –what can you provide for them that is irresistible? What praise can you give on their latest blog post or tweet? These influencers get millions of requests; you want to differentiate yourself and give it time.

Tools such as Pitchbox and Buzzstream are useful in managing everything from collecting the right contact information of your prospects, to timing the delivery of each outreach email.

I’ll let you know what tools have worked best for me, and also how important it is to have a solid workflow. I ascribe to the GTD mentality – getting things done, and breaking down each project into attainable actions.

Although the process does involve a lot of work and attention to detail, if managed properly with the right workflow, it can be automated save for one or two personal touches, which provides more opportunity to scale.


  • With the right workflow, using GTD, you can effectively scale quality link building
  • Powerful tools exist to help you create a solid workflow – learn to manage them to your advantage.
  • Nurture relationships- although much of the process is automated, you’ll want to take the time to personalize at least one or two emails.

The Channel Plans
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