How to Steer a Smarter Content Ship

In 2015 the question is not if a brand will generate content but what that content will say about them. In the age of social media, there is a plethora of bite-sized content assets, but a dearth of quality long-form content, both written and video. How is it that a Hollywood producer and a New York Times bestseller can keep someone’s attention for two or more hours but that 99% of the marketing campaigns being produced can’t even achieve eight seconds of attention?

There must be a better way. Contently Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Shane Snow looks at the history of news media and explains that successful publishers have always taken three key steps – create, engage, optimize – to generate finely tuned storytelling. By combining the current marketing technology platforms with the best creative talent, and professionals to oversee the process, marketers can think like publishers to become the wizards and educators of the digital world.

Using real life examples, Shane will explain how brands can use the content stack to create different types of high-quality content, in order to own their audience and the big data to determine what’s working and what’s not. Participants will come away with the skills to become a trusted resource for engaged readers.

The lesson will include a comprehensive review of how to:

  • Create – use talent and professionals to generate content ideas, plan ahead, and oversee workflow.
  • Engage – use technology to publish to CMS, maximize paid distribution and share through social and earned media.
  • Optimize – use detailed analytics to track success of content and revise content in line with audience interest, in order to use content to impact the bottom line.

The Process of CM
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