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Evolving Content into Strategic Thought Leadership: Moving From Content Producers to Story-Driven Thought Leaders

Much of what companies hold up as “thought leadership” proves little more than promotional content and imitation ideas. Because many things in marketing vie for our time, most organizations don’t have the interest or resources to invest in creating truly original content that delivers relevant insights. Or they lack the agility to execute on these ideas fast enough to truly lead their industry with a clear vision.

These are the characteristics, however, that earn companies and individuals the label of a thought leader; they get noticed because they offer something truly different, that establishes their reputation and creates the perception of trust.

This class covers why companies aspire to earn the thought leader label and the challenges of establishing a strategic, relevant program. It includes content’s role in supporting thought leadership and how the two converge to extend the reach and impact of a successful program.

The materials provide pre-qualification questions to help you determine if your organization is ready to commit a thought leadership initiative, how to build your program and how to combine thought leadership with storytelling. The class provides examples of companies that successfully integrate visionary insights and ideas with their content marketing efforts to drive awareness, attention and, ultimately, revenues.

Participants in this class will learn:

  • What constitutes a true thought leadership program and why it matters
  • Attributes of a successful program
  • Keys to success and ways to measure your efforts

Getting to Why
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