Create a Brand Strategy Before Developing Your Visual Strategy

In order to take full advantage of the visual revolution when marketing a business, you need a visual content strategy — not just visual content.

Today’s media landscape is full of noise with everything vying for our attention. Time is short and we’re all rushed and distracted. Enter: the shift to the visual. But for real business results, you need a plan. Visual strategy is driven by brand strategy. This course explains how to develop a brand vision, strategy and identity, and how they can be translated into a variety of visuals – including photos, infographics, slideshows, videos, illustrations, quote graphics and memes – that support and convey the spirit of your brand. Biedermann will also provide you with tips on creating effective visual content.

We’ll walk you through best practices and processes that will help ensure that your visual content makes an impact with your audience:

  • The challenge of today’s media landscape
  • The shift to the visual
  • But visual content alone is not enough
  • Brand vision
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand rollout
  • What is visual content
  • Quick tips
  • Creating lasting impact

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