A Visual Approach to Planning & Sharing Your Content Plans

This 3-step visual content plan eliminates the frustration and stress associated with choosing blog post topics at the last-minute.

It provides an easy-to-use visual framework for choosing blog post topics ahead of time. This provides you with the time you need to do your best work—without chasing deadlines or taking time away from your other business and family responsibilities.

At a glance, you can see which topics you’ve already addressed, which topics are coming up, as well as track ideas for future development.

This “big picture” view of your blog post content helps schedule your time and co-ordinate your blog posts with other events. It helps you create a balanced content plan for multiple markets, facilitates delegation, and avoids overlooked opportunities.

Program topics include:

  • Getting started: The elements of a visual content plan and setting up your 3-step blog content plan. This section will also include software options and recommendations.
  • Adding and updating topics: How to add topics, insert deadlines, insert ideas and links, and move topics from category to category.
  • Taking your visual content plan to the next level: Options to explore include brainstorming ideas, sharing your content plan with co-workers, and tracking traffic and conversions.

The Process of CM
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